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Selby Community Impact

A charity at the heart of the community delivering first class services & facilities that make a difference to people’s lives.

We’re passionate about supporting all sectors of our community, providing opportunities that have a positive impact on people’s wellbeing. Here’s how we help you:

Children & Young People

We understand that youth provision in the locality has taken a hit in recent year so we are striving to increase youth provision within the Selby area and are actively working with the North Yorkshire Youth Voice Council.

We host school holiday youth engagement events in partnership with North Yorkshire Council, Up For Yorkshire, North Yorkshire Sport, North Yorkshire Police, North Yorkshire Youth, FEAST, LS-TEN and The Barn, Tadcaster.

Reducing Hospitalisations

Following the COVID-19 we have aligned many of our programmes to support local Health service in their priorities. We deliver both free and reduced cost services to patients with specific health conditions to allow them to move more and become more active when appropriate. We have tailored our group exercise offer to make group exercise more accessible for those with limited mobility and offer falls prevention and chair based yoga.

We take a holistic approach and work in close partnership with Selby Town Primary Care Network, Alzheimer’s Society, North Yorkshire Living Well Smoke Free and Up For Yorkshire to support patients fully.

Improving Access to Leisure

We are an advocate for increasing accessibility to leisure activities and leisure facilities.  Both local Leisure Centre’s are signed up to the Accessible Selby & Tadcaster charter and we ensure the facilities are subject to independent Accessibility audits.  Our equitable approach has resulted in the creation of a number of community focused initiatives:

  • Multiple community walks delivered in partnership with other organisations and with the support of our volunteers
  • The Community Book Mission offers access to literature and a warm space for anyone to access.
  • We support The Selby Period Poverty Project to offer our community free access to period products.
  • We aim to increase Active Travel by being a campaigning voice in increasing local infrastructure and supporting development of associated services.
  • Our aspirations to create a more connected community, minimising duplication and dilution of services have resulted in the public roll out in the Selby & Tadcaster localities of the TRIBE mobile application in partnership with North Yorkshire Council and Up For Yorkshire.
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