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Amy Lou- Live In Concert

Amy Lou- Live In Concert

The Sensational Amy Lou, Britain’s Got Talent Grand Finalist 2023, will be performing live, along with her incredible band and backing vocalists, for the first time since her fabulous appearance on the hit ITV show! Amy Lou – Live In Concert!

Amy Lou, from Tipton, famously hit the front page of every national tabloid, when the powerhouse singer wowed judges with her amazing voice at thirty weeks pregnant during her first audition, and gave birth to her daughter Aida just hours before it aired, singing Beyonce’s ‘Listen’ from the Broadway Musical ‘Dreamgirls’, which left the judges speechless.

In the semi-finals, she again took the roof off with her incredible rendition of ‘And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going’, displaying the sort of vocal Olympics, only championed by the likes of the legendary Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson.

She narrowly missed out on winning the whole competition when she sang Christina Aguilera’s Reflection from the Disney film Mulan in the Grand Final and probably deserved to take the crown overall.

Amy is quite simply one of the greatest singers anyone could ever wish to hear. She is real-life Jenny Lind (Greatest Showman), where audiences are astonished by the unbelievable vocal ability that she possesses. Amy Lou has audiences eating out of the palm of her hand, with her infectious smile and personality. Simon Cowell said that he had “never seen anybody connect with an audience like Amy”.

An emotional rollercoaster of a show! The first half is beautifully intimate, where Amy demonstrates her world class vocals, and talks about growing up in Tipton, motherhood, and of course, her magical journey to the final of the UK’s biggest talent show. They can also expect a few hilarious moments of comedy.

The second half is a non-stop party and a celebration of one of the most incredible singers your ears will ever have the pleasure of listening to.

Amy Lou will of course be performing the songs that she made her own on BGT, as well as including some of the outfits worn on Britain’s Got Talent!

Tickets- £25.00

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Amy Lou- Live In Concert

Dates & Times:

08/09/2023 - 19:30 - 21:30
Friday Sep 8, 2023 - 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

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