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June to October 2024

Visit us for a variety of interesting and exciting exhibitions here at the Museum of Cannock Chase!

27th April – 16th June

Beneath our Feet – How Agriculture and Industry Shaped a County

The history of Staffordshire has been shaped by the rich wealth of resources found beneath our feet. In this family friendly exhibition we explore the rocks, minerals and soils found below the ground, and how these natural resources have helped shaped the county we know today.

You can find out about the people who worked in coal mining, iron working, pottery making and other industries which have altered the landscape.  Large areas of Staffordshire are still agricultural, but these too have undergone great changes. The extraction of these materials and the pollution from industry have affected the environment, but much is being done to heal the landscape.

Featuring objects and documents from Staffordshire Archive & Heritage’s collections, explore Staffordshire’s past and find out what lies under foot.

22nd June – 18th August

Matt Sayers: ‘When Coal was King’

The museum is delighted to welcome back local artist Matt Sayers with an exhibition of his latest works depicting the history of our local area.

‘There was a time when the word ‘industry’ meant a great deal to everyone, when generations followed in their family’s footsteps and something that wasn’t beautiful & shiny was thought of as gold. In this exhibition, I aim to show the beautiful side of hard graft and darkness, from 1,600 ft underground working under extreme conditions to the camaraderie of being part of Britian’s industrial history.’

This is a collection of brand-new artworks, using charcoal sticks and under very low lighting to recreate the effect of recording underground what was happening, there and then.

24th August – 12th October

Chase Artists: ‘Cut to the Chase’

Cut to the Chase is an exhibition of drawings, paintings and collage by professional artists David Gleeson, Lisa Henderson and Mark Lippett.

The how is inspired by Cannock Chase, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and designated a National Landscape. Each of the artists has visited the forest for many years and have now come together to bring you a collection of their work featuring scenes and landscapes from the area, and to share the beauty of this very special landscape.

For the latest information about the museum, please follow us on social media or regularly check our website. Please note that exhibition dates may change at any time.

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