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Healthy Lifestyle Referral

Our Healthy Lifestyle Referral scheme is a 3 month reduced cost supported programme that can be accessed by referral from your GP or clinician. Our specialist trained instructors will support you to manage your health condition through a personal exercise plan and an agreed level of support.

What does this include?

1 to 1 support

Access to unlimited fitness

Access to other support services

Who is this for?

Our Referral Service is for anyone who is living with a health condition that could be maintained or improved by an increase in activity and movement.

We aren’t a rehabilitation centre as this requires more specialised care but our instructors are trained to support you move more should your medical practitioner prescribe exercise.

How do I get referred?

The referral must come from your medical practitioner.  If you want to become more active we suggest you speak to your GP or Specialist Clinician to see if exercise on prescription is suitable for you.

Other support services

You will also have access to support from our partner services such as:

  • Befriending
  • Counselling
  • Employability
  • Confidence buildingBenefits
  • Household energy advice
  • Peer Support
  • English and Maths education
  • Disability support
  • Digital support
  • Coping with loss & bereavement
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