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Move It and Lose It

A FREE Service lasting up to 24 weeks to support adults to lose weight, move more, maintain long term weight loss, and ultimately – feel great!

Who is the service for?

Aged 18 and over

BMI of 30 or above

Living, working or
has a GP registered in the Selby District

What does it cost?

There is absolutely NO COST to yourself. We are funded via North Yorkshire County Council’s Public Health team to provide free access to our weight management programme providing you meet our eligibility criteria.

What do I have access to?

Access to the programme gives you free access to our leisure centres including:

  • Fitness classes with low impact options
  • Access to gym and swimming facilities
  • Walking football
  • Organised health walk (Selby)
  • Weekly nutrition meetings for the first 12 weeks where you’ll learn everything you need to know to help you to lose weight without ever feeling hungry and banishing the guilt of eating out.
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What happens each week?

  • Follow your personalised physical activity programme put together by one of our specialist instructors.
  • You commit to weekly physical activity in either Selby or Tadcaster Leisure Centre.
  • You will attend 1 nutrition group each week for the first 12 weeks.
  • If you qualify for our maintenance programme (weeks 13-24) you will commit to free physical activities in Selby or Tadcaster Leisure Centre and be provided with nutritional support via our qualified team.
  • Our highly qualified team will provide you with ongoing support throughout your weight loss journey.

Weekly group nutrition support to help you make gradual changes towards a healthy lifestyle

Our nutritional sessions are all about supporting you to make changes for life. Giving you the tools and knowledge to make more informed decisions around food, we put this into real life terms whether that be tips for the weekly supermarket shop or being able to enjoy eating out.

Sessions are friendly and supportive surrounded by people with the same goals, wanting to make that change to feel better and improve their health.

Our qualified adviser will provide information around the Eatwell plate, looking at the importance of each food group, what portion sizes look like and how you can still enjoy treats.

MILI Slimming World

Are you ready?

Do you have a weight loss goal you want to achieve?

Can you commit to a 24-week service?

Are you in the right frame of mind to lose weight?

How do I access the service?

If you are over 18 and your BMI is 30 or above, you could be eligible to take part! Call us on 01757 213758 or email to complete initial triage and find out if you are eligible.

What happens next?

A member of the team will talk you through the service, your eligibility, any previous attempts to lose weight, what your motivations are and the session options available to you. After your initial discussion on the phone, you will be booked in for a further phone call or online health assessment with your assigned Wellbeing Specialist Instructor

Once your health assessment has been completed you will start your free 12-week programme either face to face or online (or both). If you are successful in achieving an agreed weight-loss target (we usually aim for a 5% weight loss target), you will be entitled to a further free 12-week ‘Maintenance Programme’.

What happens after your first 12 weeks?

Our Maintenance Programme is available for clients who have shown dedication and commitment to achieve their weight loss goal (set in the initial assessment) over the 12 weeks.

The Maintenance Programme enables you to continue to be physically active and work towards further weight loss goals and/or maintenance. It is a condensed programme and does not include the free Slimming World offer, however you will receive free nutritional support from our specialist health team.

The programme is available for a further 12 weeks, giving you a total of 24 weeks free of charge.

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