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Selby Active Forum

Selby Active Travel Forum (SATF) aims to bring together all those involved in the development and promotion of cycling and other forms of active travel in recognition of the range of benefits that active travel offers as part of a more sustainable approach to transport and leisure.

SATF is not a decision-making body, but through the sharing of information and views seeks to contribute to and influence the active travel related policies, future plans of infrastructure development and services of relevant organisations such as North Yorkshire County Council where there is a consensus view across the SATF membership.

Here’s Andy (IHL Wellbeing Manager) and Chris (Chief Executive of Up For Yorkshire) talking you through a potential route from Barlby to Selby.


Public Health report that in Selby between 2015-2021 61%-72% of the adult population carry excess weight.

World Health Organisation report:

  • Walking for 30 minutes or cycling for 20 minutes on most days reduces mortality risk by at least 10%;
  • Active commuting is associated with about a 10% decrease in risk for cardiovascular disease and a 30% decrease in type 2 diabetes risk; and
  • Cancer-related mortality is 30% lower among bike commuters
  • Childhood obesity is also on the increase.

What's possible?

In Oulu, Finland where weather challenges are far greater than we face in North Yorkshire one-in-five of all trips made in Oulu are by bicycle, a figure that falls to 12% in the winter. By comparison, in London, around 2% of all trips are made by bicycle. In the Dutch cities of Utrecht and Amsterdam half of all journeys are on a bike, against a third in Copenhagen.

Culture change is needed, but for this to be possible accessible infrastructure needs to be in place offering safe routes away from road traffic.

Members and Contributors

Aims and Objectives

SATF’s overall aim is to encourage more people of all ages and abilities to take part in walking and cycling more often across the Selby area, whether they are local residents or visitors.  SATF understands that increased levels of active travel are proven to improve public health, economic prosperity, the environment and brings communities together.

What can I do?

It’s imperative that we understand and represent the needs of the Selby area community.  To get involved please click the button below to complete our short survey.

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